DRUM ROLL ..... Delicious Food Afloat has been released.


Last weekend Karen presented at the annual Women Who Sail Conference “Gathering on the Bay”. This latest book is all about enjoying great food while making galley life easier afloat. It comes down to clever meal planning and once the art is mastered you will save, time, money and a whole lot of frustration. It will also help you eat a delicious, healthy, balanced diet. Your crew will stop viewing meal times onboard as passage rations and instead enjoy "Delicious Food Afloat". 

Delicious Food Afloat features breakfast, lunch, dinner,
dessert and snacks all easy recipes for the Galley 

Whether it is a month long passage or a weekend away or coping with a busy lifestyle at home, the tips and recipes Karen shares in her latest book will help you to enjoy, rather than dread your time in the kitchen. "Delicious Food Afloat" encourages the reader to forward plan their food with great choices for all the conditions without compromising on quality or flavour.

Lamb Tagine cooked ready for a passage.

There are a whole range of recipes for people on the go, Karen says  "You don’t have to be sailing the seven seas to enjoy the recipes in “Delicious Food Afloat” these recipes are easy to cook in your kitchen, Galley even at an angle of 22 degrees". 

The cover features Sicilian chicken

If you would like a copy email or message us us for the details.


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