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Brunch is worth waiting for ..

Do you love hanging out for a nice breakfast/brunch with friends or just a breaky for two? I do! Breakfast is my one my favourite meals of the day, especially when you have time to enjoy it. 

All to often though breakfast is normally rushed between getting kids ready and you out the door in time for work. For us it is sometimes that we are leaving an anchorage before dawn; or we are on a long passage meaning breakfast is required to be made in whatever weather conditions are present.  

Breakfast is the first opportunity of the day to start nourishing yourself and can be up to 1/3 of your total daily nutrient intake. So it is important to make sure you're choosing nutritious options. For many people, it will be few hours until the next meal or snack, so if this is the case it's just as important to make sure it's something that will give you plenty of lasting energy and keep you full throughout the morning.
So I've put together what are our favourite fast fuel breakfasts a…

Tantalising melt in your mouth and irresistible ...... What became our favourite Greek food?

In Greece, frying up a batch of saganaki, or fried cheese, is a real art. The perfect batch consists of cubes or thick slices of cheese that have been fried perfectly so that every side of the cube has a golden, crispy crust while the inside remains soft and melted. My previous experience of Saganaki has been disappointing as restaurants located outside of Greece often have the wrong idea of what saganaki really is. They think that by melting some Greek cheese and serving it on a plate that they have created the real thing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We could not resist the traditional form, indulging ourselves at an given moment.

Saganaki is a popular Greek entrĂ©e or appetiser which incorporates various Greek dishes named for the small round two-handled frying pan in which they are made, the best known being a fried-cheese version. However you will find different meats, vegetables, or even seafood with cheese, panfried or broiled and served as "Saganaki" as m…

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