Chia Coconut Pudding - Wicked Pina Colada for Breakfast

  To wake up to a Pina Colada every morning - Bliss or Wicked?  There are so many different ways you can top off this chia pudding! Here are some of my favourite ideas: Berries Sliced Bananas Cut up Mango Coconut flakes Nuts and seeds Cacao nibs Cinnamon or Coco powder Granola Bee pollen But today we are topping it off with fresh pineapple chunks and toasted fresh shredded coconut. 1/4 cup chia seeds  1 & 1/4 cup coconut milk  1 tsp all spice  1  tbsp honey  Place all ingredients in a jar and shake really well. Place in fridge, for the first hour shake the jar occasionally so the chia seeds disperse evenly through the coconut milk. Leave overnight to set.  In the morning to your Chia Pudding with your favourite topping. Enjoy!

Friday Pizza ‘N’ Beer Night

  My Middle Eastern Pizza ‘N’ Beer Night -  All pantry ingredients plus no cheese Ok so we are getting pretty low on fresh produce, but when you talk about cheese well we are totally out. We have not seen cheese since Lombok and that was many moons ago. So when it comes to Friday night pizza and beers I have to be a little bit inventive. Even though I make cheese onboard I haven’t yet mastered a good melting cheese that can be made from powdered milk.  See how I make cheese from powdered milk šŸ”½ Adding some Middle Eastern flair to your cooking is easy! Some of the classic flavours include sesame, olives, olive oil, lemon, garlic, eggplant, tomatoes, honey, dates, mint, and parsley. All of these can be pantry items, so having them onboard for when the need arises in perfect. Most dishes Middle Eastern dishes are served with fresh pita bread, not unlike pizza. If you’ve got cumin, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, and a few other common

A Multitude of Islands, A Multitude of Salted Fish Varieties

  For many Indonesians, salted fish is a cherished simple pleasure in life. It pairs perfectly with steamed rice and fiery sambal (chilli relish), all savoured by eating with your right hand. Happiness is found in the simple things for the majority of Indonesians! Viewing the vast range of salted dried fish at the Namlea, Traditional Market, on Pulau Buru A Multitude of Islands, A Multitude of Salted Fish Varieties Indonesia, like many Southeast Asian nations, utilizes various curing techniques to produce salted fish. Drying or salting with edible salt or brine is among the oldest food preservation methods. Salt prevents the growth of microorganisms by extracting water from their cells through osmosis. Most bacteria, fungi, and other harmful organisms cannot survive in a highly salty environment, while the salt imparts a distinct savoury taste to the fish. Being the largest archipelago globally, Indonesia's oceans are home to a diverse range of edible sea creatures, many of which a

Bakso has become one of my favourite dishes to eat

We love street food dishes you can easily make at home, and Bakso is no exception. Bakso has become one of my favourite dishes to eat, even in the steaming hot weather. It is a simple Indonesian dish of meatballs and soup. Like many other dishes in Indonesia, it grew out of Asian and European influences in the country. Throughout Indonesia, there are many variations of bakso, but all of them include three main ingredients: broth, noodles, and meatballs. What distinguishes bakso from other Asian varieties is the consistency of the meatballs, which should have a springy texture. Although bakso is essentially street food, it can be found anywhere from outdoor eateries to elegant restaurants. The garnishes, which are additionally added, are usually wontons, hard-boiled eggs, or tofu. The dish is typically served warm with a splash of chili or soy sauce. Ingredients 425 gr chicken fillet (I used 2 chicken breasts), cut into smaller parts 100 gr ice cubes (about 12 cubes) 1 egg white from la

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