Like all the recipes posted in this blog, every one of these dishes have been prepared by Karen in the galley on board 'Our Dreamtime'. Living on the hook or in a marina doesn't mean you can't eat great meals.

Along with seafood, we find poultry one of the things we eat most on the boat. Apart from the fish we might catch for free, both can be found reasonably priced and are healthy choices for us. Chicken and duck also lend themselves to endless possibilities in the galley.

Karen has developed a great range of recipes to ensure we never tire of eating the healthy protein that poultry provides. She will soon be publishing another volume of the Our Galley e-book series containing a huge range of her poultry recipes. Meanwhile scroll down to see some of her suggestions. Click on any image to see larger versions.

Mango Chicken

Chicken and Cashew Stirfry
Chicken and Tex Mex Rice
Popcorn Chicken

Chicken and Zucchini Noodle Salad

Poached Thai Chicken
Lemon Pepper Chicken
Chicken Targine

Duck served with Sage Beans, Roasted Baby Potatoes
and Raspberry Chocolate Sauce
How to cook Duck .... See Tips

Keep coming back to see when Karen's Poultry e-book is published.

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