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Catching and Cooking Crab.

Whether it is mud crab or blue swimmers you are catching, you are in for a culinary delight once you have bagged and cooked them. In our opinion there is nothing quite like fresh crab! On "Our Dreamtime" we love catching crab and will at any anchorage try to find a suitable spot to drop our pots. Not always successful but we do pride ourselves on regularly having a good feed of crab.
Mud crabs are certainly one of Australia’s most tasty crabs and while they are found in the northern part of the country, those taking a cruise to the north, should at some point go on a crabbing mission. If your not sure ask someone in the anchorage your staying in. You just might find a crabber willing to take you along and show you some tips.
Like all of the tastiest seafood’s available, it is always a mission to clean, cook and eat them. But at the end of the day, if you’re willing to go through the rigmarole of doing so, you’ll be pleasantly happy with a belly full of yummy crab.
Mud Crabs can…

Yes, Yes we all know about Pina Coladas but Coconuts are so much more ....

The coconut sold in Supermarkets throughout Australia are de-husked, hard, brown (stone like) ripe coconuts or young, unripe, green coconuts, still with a little husk remaining. Sold and located in our produce departments. Queensland and Northern Territory dwellers are fortunate to have a temperate to hot climate where coconuts thrive. Though coconuts are not native to Australia, it has generally been accepted that the coconut originated in the Indian-Indonesia region and float-distributed itself around the world by riding ocean currents. 

We now see them on all of our beaches in the North, this is partly due to the Old Government having a Coconut Tree plantation on Brampton Island many moons ago. We are still fortunate to come across many coconuts on the island beaches we sail to, and quite often we can harvest these if we are not in National Parks. Brampton Island

Under the husk they are a brown nut full of nutrition. Once the husk is removed the brown shell has three eyes at one end.…

How do you get Kids to eat that Healthy Stuff?

We're staying at our daughters place, couch surfing before we head off for Greece and she is battling night after night with an age-old problem ..... her kids not eating their vegetables or for that matter whatever is on their plates. Her kids are just more interested in macaroni and cheese than sautéed spinach and grilled chicken, and really who can blame them. Mac Cheese looks pretty cool compared to a tangled lot of wilted steamed healthy spinach and sautéed fish. According to research 9 out of 10 kids don't eat vegetables. So every night the same scenario is being played out in homes all over the globe .... How distressing! 
But fruit, vegetables and protein are vital parts of a kids healthy diet, so it’s important to help kids to enjoy eating them. I'm a mum of three and a grandmother of 8, so I too have had the battles. I'm sure my kids will tell you as a young mother in our house at times "it was eat your dinner or go to bed hungry, I really don't care&q…

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