Brunch is worth waiting for ..

Do you love hanging out for a nice breakfast/brunch with friends or just a breaky for two? I do! Breakfast is my one my favourite meals of the day, especially when you have time to enjoy it. 

Enjoying Brunch on the aft deck with friends is worth waiting for.

All to often though breakfast is normally rushed between getting kids ready and you out the door in time for work. For us it is sometimes that we are leaving an anchorage before dawn; or we are on a long passage meaning breakfast is required to be made in whatever weather conditions are present.  

Our Galley is not always the easiest to prepare food in.

Breakfast is the first opportunity of the day to start nourishing yourself and can be up to 1/3 of your total daily nutrient intake. So it is important to make sure you're choosing nutritious options. For many people, it will be few hours until the next meal or snack, so if this is the case it's just as important to make sure it's something that will give you plenty of lasting energy and keep you full throughout the morning.

So I've put together what are our favourite fast fuel breakfasts and our favourite lazy day brunches.

In compiling my favourites I quickly came to realise that almost all of my choices were on the savoury side, compared to Rob's which were mostly sweet. I rarely order dessert when I eat out for dinner, and I pretty much never order sweet breakfasts. That's not to say I've never had incredible lemon ricotta pancakes or pain au chocolate, but they simply don't move me in the way that savouries do. 

So what is on our combined list? Here it is, fully fleshed out and in (almost) no particular order. It's important to note that I'm including only breakfasts that we have on the boat. That we eat regularly and find easy to make in the galley. They then of course are home friendly too, you may find some of our "Fast Food" options handy for the working week.

So if you have an incredible breakfast that's not on this list?  Please spout off about it, comment below, I would love to try your recipe. There are so many amazing options! 

Bacon and Egg Wraps. 

This is my go to favourite for early morning starts. I pre cook them, wrap in foil, Cryovac and freeze, normally we will have 12 ready in the freezer.  The wraps are filled with great tasty nutritional extras. Apart from bacon and egg we add pesto, mushrooms, spinach, hallomi and relish all of these are packed with taste and nutrition. The night before I defrost the required number in the fridge. Preheating the oven whilst the anchor and pre sailing preparations are being done. Pop them onto a baking tray and into the oven for 15 minutes and they are done. Wrapped in paper towel they can be eaten at the helm or whilst attending to sails. 

Acai Jar .... A Jar Full of Goodness. 

These jars are packed full of nutritional values to keep you going, whilst looking and tasting delicious. We serve our Acai is served in jars topped with grain free activated granola, sliced banana, strawberry, dedicated coconut and a squeeze of Honey or coconut nectar, coconut chai pudding, nuts, yohgurt, frozen fruit purée. I can make these up in advance and have them in the fridge with sealed lids. Again they are a fantastic on the go food. The jars can be secured in a cup holder in the cockpit and won't spoil if it takes you a little time to eat.

Fruit Bowls .... 

Fresh from the farmers markets fresh fruit served like this is deLISH. The bowls take a little prep, but if you pre prep the fruit and keep separated in containers in the fridge, it will take you no time to assemble them. Add protein Chai Balls, honey, toasted Coconut and a drizzle of honey and the boost of natural sugar will have you energised for hours.

Sicilian Eggs .... 

This is a favourite of ours to serve when we have guests onboard. It's a one pot cook, so little cleanup required.  A comforting dish of Sicilian Baked Eggs combines fresh ingredients in tomato sauce with soft eggs for a simple, rustic and classic Italian meal....Serve with crusty sourdough to mop up the tomato sauce and runny egg yolk.  A perfect bunch dish to share over long conversations with friends.

Sand Crab Omelette .... 

Not a dish you can plan on just whipping up, as the main ingredient needs to be caught first. But nevertheless this is on the top of our list when it comes to Brunch. Fresh crab caught that morning served in a simple omelette is surprisingly one of the best ways to eat Sand Crab. The delicate flavours of the meat combine well with egg. If you can get Duck Eggs all the better.

3 Ingredient Banana Pancake ... 

Yep here's a sweet one ... Gluten Free and Grain Free. This simple and easy breakfast allows you to use your favourite toppings. For the real sweet lover spread with Nutella, top with toasted coconut shards and drizzle with honey.  

BLATE .... For me and BLE for Rob ... two things on Rob's poison list is Tomato and Avocado. With this combination it is easy to accomodate the different ingredients that we like. We usually serve our BLATE/BLE on pan fried garlic focaccia bread, layered with Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, crispy Bacon and a healthy dollop of Mayo and poached Eggs.

Recipes for you to try:


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