Karen to pass on provisioning tips at W.W.S.A. Gathering on the Bay

Karen will be one of the presenters at the Women Who Sail Australia (WWSA)  2nd Annual "Gathering on the Bay" being held from March 31 to April 2 at Port Stevens. The subject of Karen's presentation is ‘Provisioning and Passage Meals’. She plans to demonstrate that sailing in remote areas does not have to equate to eating only bland meals by highlighting techniques and products she uses on our boat using bot fresh and non refrigerated ingredients. This will include having a tasting table where attendees can sample some of the dishes she will be speaking about.
Karen will also launch the first four of a series of e-books on the subject and recipes at the weekend long event. The event will be attended by 150 women from all over Australia. More details are available via the link HERE,

Some photos of Karen's presentation at the 
Women Who Sail Australia 2017 Gathering on the Bay


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