April 3 -2017, After an amazing weekend at WWSA Gathering on the Bay and showcasing YIAH products, I would like to inform everyone that I have become aware of some ongoing supply problems from YIAH and that there are going to be very lengthy delays in the delivery of products. To avoid any disappointment please hold off on ordering at the moment until the situation becomes clearer. I will advise everyone here as soon as I have further information.

YIAH - Your Inspiration At Home

Cooking shouldn't be a chore! We love our food on Our Dreamtime, but I don't want to spend my whole life in the galley preparing meals. However, we do like to try new things and experience different cultures. I used to mix all my own herbs and spices and I still use a lot of my own blends. Which you can be found on the Spice Recipe Page.

But my secret to quick and tasty gourmet meals is the YIAH range (Your Inspiration at Home). These are all-natural seasonings, spices, salts and other items inspired by ethnic regions and custom blended to make cooking fast, simple and healthy. (with no added gluten, MSG or preservatives).On the boat we have found that with YIAH, we can experience unique international flavours without leaving our galley. All the hard work is done for us. We enjoy the exact same flavours traditionally known throughout the world, quickly and easily. 

I will introduce these ethnically-inspired creations to you through our recipes. All of them have been tried and tested in the galley. Try them out and have fun when friends gather to eat terrific food, laugh and share great memories.

However if you haven't got these products don't be concerned you will find a spice blend to use as an alternative on the Spice Recipe Page.

Your Inspiration at Home was created in Australia and now also operates in the UK, America, New Zealand and Canada. We have a dedicated website to order your favourite products. Once ordered your spices will be hand blended in the warehouse on Australia's Gold Coast and sent directly to your home or marina.



Balsamic Vinegars ... Re-Imagine vinegar! 

Add depth to your dishes by drizzling YIAH award winning vinegars over salads, meats, cheese and desserts. Also try in soda water, champagne and cocktails. The list goes on and on .... To check out more uses for these products login to my web page and begin exploring the online recipes.


YIAH Dip Mixes .... Unrivalled, Unparalleled and Unmatched. 

Simple and delicious, YIAH Dip Mixes are filled with the freshest ingredients. Each jar provides amazing value making up to 20 cups of dip. Always having this available in your pantry for when guests pop over is a great time and money saver.

Check out the huge range of YIAH products available on my web page.



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